Everyone Needs an Oil Diffuser

March 1, 2016


I just love essential oils! There are so many different ways to use them and get different benefits. One of my favorite things I own is my essential oil diffuser. I work from home and I usually have it going all day. It smells so amazing and cleanses the air. It is a great alternative for candles. I have this weird fear about things catching on fire so this takes all my fears away and my apartment can still smell amazing!


doTERRA Lemon Grass oil. You can purchase it Here

My favorite essential oil is Lemon Grass from the doTERRA line. I kept using it while I was visiting my dad in Seattle and he finally just gave it to me. I am obsessed! It smells so clean and refreshing. It can get kind of stuffy in my apartment so this is the perfect one for that. For days when my anxiety is at an all time high I put the Lavender oil from the NOW line into my diffuser. It helps calm my nerves and relaxes me. It is very nurturing and grounding. I also put it on my skin (chest) when I go to sleep. It helps me get to sleep quicker and sleep better.


Lavender Oil. It can be found Here

I currently have a little cold and I have been having this going nonstop. It makes the air feel cleaner and fresh. Between my oil diffuser and peppermint tea I think I will get through this cold. Every person I have recommended these to has absolutely loved them. You should try it! If anything is creates wonderful ambiance that you will love.

These are my favorite essential oil diffusers;:

I currently own this one and it works great! Here

This is also a fun one! My dad owns this one and he absolutely loves it! Buy here

This is a doTERRA oil diffuser. It is amazing but a little pricier. doTerra Oil Diffuser


Lavender Oil

Breathe Again


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