Vegas Getaway

March 5, 2016


To escape the cold weather in Salt Lake City, my boyfriend and I took a quick trip down to Las Vegas. The weather was absolutely gorgeous but most of all I loved being able to wear spring/summer clothes! Lounging by the pool and reading a good book was a major plus. It got me even more excited for summertime!

I went out shopping one of the days I was there (obviously!) and I put on this little outfit. I just think it is so perfect for a day out shopping, at the farmers market, or just out to lunch with the girls. It was so comfortable but also very feminine. And of course I have my floppy hat on to keep the sun out of my eyes.


Before going to Vegas I went to Nordstrom to find some new outfits I could wear while visiting. I found this whole outfit there. They had so many amazing pieces for spring! I found the skirt & top in the Brass Plum section and the shoes are Topshop. I love Brass Plum because it is pretty affordable and also great quality.


How amazing are the shoes?! Those are my favorite part of this whole outfit. They are also extremely comfortable. I walked mostly everywhere so it was very important that I have comfortable shoes. These didn’t give me a single blister. Yay! I also was able to wear these with multiple different outfits. I just love them! You can order them here.Β You will not regret it!


You can purchase the other pieces here:

Razor Back Tank

Patterned Long Skirt

More outfits from my Vegas trip coming soon! XoXo


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