Midweek Blues: 10 Tips to Not Go Crazy Working From Home

March 9, 2016



Midweek Blues…

Happy hump day ya’ll! We are half way through the work week and on Wednesdays I can go a little stir crazy. I work from home on my laptop full time and can get pretty restless sometimes.To help with this I have come up with ways to help myself not get depressed. Today there are tons of people working from home since we have computers, internet, and Skype. You can turn you’re home into you’re office and yes some days I stay in my PJs all day. Brilliant! If anyone works from home as well and has any suggestions to add to this list I would love to hear from you!

  1. Attend an exercise class daily. I choose to go to yoga because that is my favorite type of exercise. It helps stretch out my back and also centers me for the day. After I feel so refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day throws my way.
  2. Take a walk. I live in an apartment complex and the mailbox is quite a walk to get to. I walk to get my mail daily. Usually in the afternoon after I have been working for awhile. Fresh air can re-spark my concentration.
  3. This one is my favorite! Buy yourself flowers weekly. I love the way they look on my desk and are so pretty to look at. I believe that it is important to feel good in your work place. It makes me feel better and work better!      IMG_3341
  4. Take a break & take a relaxing bath. Add lavender bubble bath and epsom salts. Also candles are great for ambiance.
  5. Use an oil diffuser. I constantly have my oil diffuser going. It cleanses the air and makes my apartment not feel so stuffy. I also just love how it smells in general to it puts me in a good mood. You can find a great one Here
  6. Designate one day a week to hang out with your BFF & do something silly.


    This is my best friend, Amanda King! We have so much fun together exploring our city. This was taken at the Great Salt Lake. <3

  7. Make fun drinks. Mix it up with teas, iced teas, ginger ale, or fruit infused water. And put them in a fancy cup. My favorite right now is my Moscow Mule Mug. You can find one Here.Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.08.02 PM
  8. I have an exercise ball that I keep in my living room and whenever my back starts hurting from sitting at my desk or on my couch I just stretch out of it. Or I use it as a chair and it helps to strengthen my core. You can purchase one Here.
  9. Keep easy snacks to grab. It helps to keep my concentration and gives me fuel to think better. Right now I am addicted to blueberries dipped in yogurt and then frozen. They are like little healthy popsicle snacks. Also string cheese is a favorite!
  10. Last but not least have a juicy soap opera going for background noise!

These simple tricks keep me from pulling my hair out during the work week! I am constantly coming up with new ideas to stay focused and not get depressed. Working from home is my favorite and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But one thing I gave up is working with people and being out in about in the real world. I never realized how important it is to socialize with people even if it is just at work.

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