Blumsi Essential Oils

August 10, 2016

Essential oils are a staple in my home. I use them for everything! They are so soothing and there are so many uses for them. My top three favorite are peppermint, lavender, and lemon. I feel I get the most use out of these three.

Recently I came across this brand called Blumsi. They are an essential oil company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. (I love supporting local business!) Of course I had to order my favorites from them. I was surprised by how good these oils smelled. You can tell they are high quality and made with a lot of love πŸ™‚Β DSC02045

I always make sure to travel with some of my oils because I never know when they will come in handy. Last weekend I took a road trip to Phoenix, Arizona and was in the car for 10 hours. Throughout the car ride my back hurt like crazy! I kept rubbing some on my lower back and it would soothe my back for awhile. It was a lifesaver. I also suffer from migraines and peppermint oil works miracles. It does not take my migraine away but it definitely makes it more manageable.



Breathing in the scent of lavender helps me to calm down


I mostly just like the lemon oil for its clean scent. I put it a lot in my oil diffuser. Sometimes I mix it with lavender oil and it is a great combo. I also have been making my own natural room sprays. I mix lemon with water and spray it throughout my home. It is so refreshing and clean!


Thank you Blumsi for making these fabulous oils!

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