My Secret to Glowing Skin

August 23, 2016


I have been asked a lot this summer how I have gotten my face to be so glowy. Nothing is better than being sun kissed and glowing. Of course there is the obvious of drinking A LOT of water and staying active but there is also another little secret I will let you in on.



It consists of a few makeup products but the main one is the Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Palette. My makeup artist Liz turned me on to it and it is seriously my favorite makeup product I own! It doesn’t matter if I have a lot of makeup on or a little it is always the perfect finishing touch in my makeup routine. It makes my face look flawless without causing it to be too dewy. I also always make sure to dab my face with a beauty blender after to make it set perfectly.



This Hourglass Cosmetics Palette can be found here.

My second favorite makeup product is the Aveda Tinted Moisturizer in Sweet Tea. I wear this almost everyday and sometimes just put it on without any other makeup on. It hides all my old acne scars and makes my skin look flawless. I love to just use this moisturizer and the Hourglass Palette. It makes for a very natural but beautiful combination.


This Aveda Tinted Moisturizer can be found here   & the BareMinerals BareSkin Sheer Sun Bronzer can be found here

This next product my makeup artist uses frequently. It is a liquid bronzer. I had never even heard of these until about a month ago. She put it on my cheek bones and it gave my skin that perfect glow. I love this BareMinerals one because it can be worn with not a lot of makeup but give your skin that perfect touch! It is also so easy to use and you don’t have to be a pro to use it!

The Dior Airflash is of course my favorite foundation but I don’t wear it everyday. It is sort of a special occasion product. I use it when I want a little more coverage. It can be a little intimidating  at first because it is literally like a can of spray paint. I usually just spray a little onto the back side of my hand and then use a brush to blend it onto my face. My experience with spraying it directly on my face was not to pleasant and made it look a little too cakey. Ew!


The Dior Airflash can be found here.



Even with these beauty tips remember to always exfoliate, moisturize, and drink plenty of water!!


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