The Flare

September 20, 2016

I had been wanting a pair of flared jeans since they have made a comeback. They totally remind me of my middle school days except back then I was so skinny and could barely fit into a size 24! The jeans would just sag off me and they looked more like boyfriend jeans! I can’t believe that I am already old enough to start seeing trends come back into style after being dead for years.



As I was browsing the Nordstrom Clear the Rack Sale I found this pair of beautiful flared Hudson jeans. Hudson jeans are one of my favorite brands of jeans because they fit me so perfectly. And as us ladies know, it is so hard to find jeans that fit our unique body types! I snagged these jeans for $20!!



My hair and makeup was done by Elizabeth Canzonetti. Make sure to check out her Instagram @lizcanzonetti


Photoshoots can be exhausting! No, really!! Whenever I tell that to people they laugh and ask how it could possibly be so hard just to sit there and look pretty. It is so much more than that, I promise!


Here I paired the same jeans with a peplum top. I think the peplum shape is so flattering on so many body types. I just love it!


Hope you enjoyed!!

Huge thanks to Lang Kim for being my amazing photographer!! His Instagram is @langkimphotography


*I can’t find the exact clothes I am wearing but here are options that are similar


Chloe Suede Wedges


A little cheaper option. These are the ones I am wearing in the pictures. Catherine Malandrino Wedges


Love everything about this shirt! The cold shoulder is also one of my fave trends! Cold Shoulder Peplum Top


SO romantic! <3 Leith Peplum Top


Hudson Flare Jeans


Articles of Society Flare Jeans

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