Velvet Baby

October 20, 2016

Where are all my velvet loving babes at?!

This trend has me feeling super nostalgic for the 90’s. Yes, I am a 90’s baby and can’t believe I am already old enough to start seeing trends come back in full swing! My favorite colors in this particular fabric are navy, dark red, and olive. I can’t wait to add a dark red velvet dress to my wardrobe ASAP!




As I was browsing on ASOS I found this dress and these fabulous booties. The dress is on sale too! The booties can be found here and the dress can be found here


These photos were taken by Mr. Lang Kim! @langkimphotoraphy

I love to style these booties with a dress or skinny jeans. Below is another look where I have styled these booties.


This picture was taken by local Utah photographer, Ikon. @slcphotoschool

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