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First Anniversary of Catherine in the City

January 25, 2017


It has been a year since starting my fashion & lifestyle blog. I could have never imagined how amazing this whole process would be! It has been so fulfilling to see my dream become a reality. I love being able to share my two passions, fashion & nature, with the world. These two passions don’t normally go together but they do for me! I love being a girly girl but also a crunchy granola.



It all started one day when I was sitting around with my best girlfriend, Amanda King. I brought up the idea and she said “Let’s do it!” She has always been one of my biggest supporters even though she roles her eyes at me sometimes when I make ridiculous photo requests. Like when it’s 105 degrees outside and I want to hike to a waterfall to get that perfect shot. Can other bloggers relate to this?!


The gorgeous Amanda King! I love her so much!!



Comic Con 2016. A story for a different time 🙂

Catherine in the City started with two girls and an iPhone. Oh! And also with the name Catherine4fashion 🙂

I quickly had other talents in Utah reaching out to collaborate. The collaboration I did with Tycen & Kristin Lear, Inspire L’Amour, and Denise Christensen was probably one of my highlights of the year. It was so much fun! We went out to the Sahara Sand Dunes and made a day of shooting different looks. I felt like a total diva.


The other models were so cute and nice!



I spent most of the summer creating art with Liz Canzonetti and Jerusha Tru. Liz Canzonetti is a Utah hair & makeup artist. She is so talented and I love all the looks she does on me. We have known each other ever since I moved to Utah and is a dear friend. Jerusha is one of my favorite Utah photographers. Her work is so unique and fun. The three of us had a total blast!



Sometimes we would trash the salon! Sorry Pam!!




Another photographer I am obsessed with is Lang Kim. We have done so many photoshoots together and he is so passionate about his work. He shoots in film which is unique to come across these days. He has a lot of different styles as well.




Lang introduced me to his friend Ikon. Ikon has become a great friend of mine. He is the coolest dude around shoots the most incredible fine art photos.



A few months ago I had the opportunity to do a winter wonderland shoot. Liz Canzonetti did the makeup & hair and made her snow white fantasy come to life! Jocelyn Gardiner was the photographer. She did an amazing job!! We were all so happy with how the shots came out. It is really amazing when all participants are overjoyed with how the collaboration turned out.




Since starting my blog, Amanda has moved away but we still see each other regularly. A few weeks ago she came up to Seattle to meet me for a birthday weekend. And yes, I made her take pictures of me and in return I took photos for her food blog (@foodieroyalty). I promise I am not a self-centered, mean friend!




There are so many others who I have met along the way that have helped me out tremendously. I am so grateful for all of my followers/readers. I hope to make 2017 even better! If there is anything you would like to see more of let me know in the comments section.

Xoxo Catherine

p.s. I am also so grateful for my loving Instagram boyfriend, Andrew!


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    Love this! And so inspirational to someone who is just starting out! I hope that in a year I will be as happy and successful as you’ve been!! ❤️❤️❤️

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