The Only Valentine You Need is Yourself

February 6, 2017


Every year I hear women say “I HATE Valentine’s Day!!!” or I hear it referred to as “singles awareness day.” For me, single or not, I don’t let this holiday ruin my day and let determine my self-worth. Some of my best nights are spent alone focusing on self-care. I love nothing more than getting takeout, relaxing in a bubble bath, putting on a face mask, and watching a chick-flick.


I used to be the most codependent girlfriend ever and let my relationships determine my self-worth. Pretty much if I didn’t have a boyfriend I was nothing. I had to take a long break from guys and focused on myself. I learned A LOT in this time. I had to learn to love myself. It was such a weird concept to me. A wise therapist once said to me, “Look in the mirror. That is the best date you will ever have.” I didn’t believe him at the time but thought I should give it a chance. I spent many nights alone, watching Netflix, doing my nails, taking bubble baths, giving myself facials, going to the spa, and I even went to a movie alone. At first I hated it but the idea of being single grew on me. After months I was finally content being single and for once loved myself. It was the most amazing feeling ever! In my relationship now we live together and I kick him out of the house at least twice a week to have a “personal” night. It is something that is very important to me. It also has made me a more secure woman in all aspects of my life.

    I LOVE to buy myself flowers!! White roses are my favorite but if I am at the Pike Place Market, I have to make sure to get some gorgeous tulips!

I have had a boyfriend the last two Valentine Days and will have one again this coming Valentine’s day but we are not the most “romantic couple.” We don’t do gifts, chocolates, and lingerie but instead we spend the day together hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing. We do something that we both enjoy doing together. We also don’t usually go out to dinner but instead make dinner together. It is the way we like it!

 If all else fails, buy yourself some macaroons! I promise you will feel better.

I remember how annoying it was being single on Valentine’s Day but after learning to love myself it didn’t bother me that much. I focused on loving myself instead. (and not in a narcissistic way!) I became my own Valentine!


Xoxo Catherine

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