Festival Babes

April 10, 2017

Festival season is upon us. I LOVE festival fashion because I always feel like a total boho babe! #goals

A joke from Andrew: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Coachella. Duh! What was the chicken wearing? A chicken bodysuit.

Violeta Granados (@justanotherinstagal), a Utah fashion blogger, invited me to this amazing photoshoot with some other blogging gals. We had so much fun playing dress up, eating junk food, and laughing.

Elizabeth CanzonettiΒ (@lizcanzonetti) working her magic! She did my hair and makeup and did a fabulous job. She also brought her summer wardrobe and let the girls and I play dress up! She is not only amazing at hair and makeup but she also has an eye for fashion.


Make sure to shop my favorite festival looks on the sidebar where it says “shop the look”

Cheers to long summer nights & good music!

Xoxo Catherine



Violeta Granados @justanotherinstagal

Lauryn @lauryncakes

Carmen Ottens @theottens


Lynley Johnson @lynleyjohnsonphoto

Studio Space:

StudioBox Photo Co @studioboxphotoco



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