Inner Beauty Waiting to be Activated

June 23, 2017

Total Activation is a new skincare line I recently came across and have become a huge fan. I am a little picky when it comes to skincare products because I have skin allergies. I like to know exactly what ingredients I am putting on my body.

Total Activation takes pride in making their products with organic and natural ingredients. There are no parabens, sulphates or phthalates. They also say no to animal testing.

My favorite self-care practice is to put on body butter every time I get out of the bath or shower. It always makes me feel better. The Aloe Body Butter from Total Activation is thick and has little odor. Sometimes I am sensitive to certain smells so this is perfect for me. It is very moisturizing and keeps my skin hydrated all day.

For my readers that are concerned about skin allergies, this product is rated by SkinSAFE and is 91% free of the top common allergens.

Total Activation has a whole skincare line and supplement line. Make sure to check out their website

xoxo Catherine

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