The Subscription Box a Spoonie Needs: ChronicAlly

October 9, 2017

Managing chronic pain is a nightmare. I always have loved to concept of subscription boxes but could never decide which one was the best for me. I recently stumbled upon the ChronicAlly Box and I am very impressed! When it came I was having a bad pain day and it helped cheer me up. It was amazing to receive a little box full of self-care goodies. Self-care is something I focus on a lot. I try to take good care of my body with rest and pampering.

Since I deal with a lot of chronic pain it is important for me have things to look forward to and things to brighten up my day. It was nice to get something in the mail that wasn’t more medical bills! When the box came it was like a little personal gift! This month came with some amazing lotion, body scrub, a little tote and some lip balm.


The boxes are put together by other spoonies and are actually products that we can use. If you are allergic to a product, then they will happily take it back and send you something you can use. The ChronicAlly Box would also make a perfect gift if you know anyone who is dealing with a chronic illness.

Make sure to visit their website here

Xoxo Catherine

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