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ERIK MURRAY: Designed and Made in Downtown Los Angles

February 5, 2018

ERIK MURRAY is a newly launched clothing line based in Los Angeles. The designer, Erik, and I go way back to the days of AOL instant messaging and convincing my mother to take us to the 50 Cent movie, Get Rich or Die Trying. He has been designing “Chapter 1” for a while now and I couldn’t be more proud of him for making his dream into a reality.


Design is a way for Erik to express himself and is used for a creative outlet. He said he became interested in fashion design when, “Realizing that I can express emotion through design. The more I studied design the more I realized I can tell a story through the fabrics, presentations, and the way garments fit and drape. I have always been one to express how I feel and I found a way to do that through fashion.”

Designing is a process with lots of emotion and creativity. He draws his inspiration from, “Life and music. The way I have come to believe how certain emotions manifest themselves is always the starting point for a collection. Music helps me tap into those emotions. I take that emotion and sketch how it can be felt through silhouette lines, proportions, ect. My mood board and early sketches are always done in black and white. I aim to create an emotional connection long before colors and trim are added.”

Erik has impeccable fashion and can be found wearing suede boots, black jeans and his ERIK MURRAY mandarin collar shirt. I asked him what is one thing he wished he could change about the fashion industry and he said, “The fashion calendar. It makes no sense. Why would I release a spring/summer collection in late January, when it’s still going to be cold for another 3 months.” I couldn’t agree more! Nothing bothers me more than when I walk into a store with a giant swimsuit display when there is still snow on the ground.


Some advice he has for aspiring designers is, “It takes time to learn your design voice. Find that voice, find what you truly like designing, not what’s just “on trend” at the moment. Failure is inevitable, but don’t give up! Focus on the small victories.”

Make sure to check out his collection here.


All photos were taken by Kenzie Henricksen. @photosbykenzelaine.

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