Getting Pampered at the Aveda Salon


I love how flawless & natural my skin looks!

Yesterday I took a trip to the Aveda salon to get pampered by my friend Liz Canzonetti. She is so talented and made me feel beautiful! I got a facial and then she did my makeup and hair. We played around with Aveda’s new spring colors and a bunch of different products. I absolutely loved them! I ended up purchasing some of my favorite products and they are AMAZING. One reason I love Aveda is that a lot of their products have natural and organic ingredients!


You can purchase this Here

After my facial she put on the Aveda mineral tinted moisturizer. It is SPF 15 which is a plus. I try to put sunscreen on everyday. In high school I spent a little too much time in the tanning bed and now I am so scared of skin cancer and wrinkles. Covering up and putting sunscreen on is one of my number one priorities everyday. This tinted moisturizer feels light and smells great! It also blended really well with the other makeup she put on. I love how it makes me look like I have a little bit of make up one which is great for those days when I work from home and don’t wear makeup. Now I can still feel pretty on those days! I have tried tons of tinted moisturizers but this is by far my favorite.


You can purchase this Here

I am always on the lookout for new nude colored lip glosses and lip sticks. I am a big fan of the natural look and just think it is so beautiful. I ended up buying the Uruku Color Gloss in Luna. I have been wearing it all day today. It is my new favorite lip color. It is so natural looking with a little bit of shine.


You can purchase this Here

One of my other favorite products was the dry shampoo. My hair gets greasy one day after washing it so it is important I have an amazing dry shampoo. I have been using drugstore dry shampoo and it just hasn’t been getting the job done. This was the best dry shampoo! You can apply it on the top of your hair as well as the roots. We didn’t even wash my hair and just used this and I felt as though we did a full shampoo, condition, and blow out. It gave my hair an awesome finishing matte look as well.


You can purchase these Here

Usually I am attracted to more of the golden eyeshadows and not colored ones so when Liz showed me the panel of eyeshadows she was going to use and I saw the purple I was a little intimidated. In the picture from this post she used the desert clay & lilac glow from the Indian Sunset collection. These are some the new Aveda spring colors. I think it looks great on blue/green eyes! It is also super fun and different than what I am used to. I am defiantly going to purchase these colors soon.

Aveda has a lot of other amazing products that I will talk about in a later posts.  Their products smell spa-like. Anything that smells spa-like are automatically my favorite. You deserve to pamper yourself even at home!




Coffin Cut Nails with a Twist


This nail color is ESSIE in Topless & Barefoot. You can purchase it Here.

Right now I am obsessed with coffin cut shape nails. I used to be a square shape kinda girl but lately I have been getting this shape. My nails are also healthy and strong so they have been growing a ton which makes this look a lot easier to accomplish! Using Shellac has helped my nails grow. What I love about this particular look is the nude color and then a pop of color on the inside of the nail. I always want to do a bright color but I am so used to black, white, or nude nails. Who says one can’t have their cake and eat it too?