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Study Abroad in Peru with the University of Utah

March 28, 2018

Ever since I was in elementary school I have always wanted to travel to Peru. Some of my father’s relatives live there and I wanted to experience their culture. Before this trip I had never traveled to a foreign country. I had been to a resort in Mexico but that doesn’t really count. I currently attend the University of Utah and learned about this week long study abroad program. I am 26 and have too much responsibility to get up…

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Blog Fashion

ERIK MURRAY: Designed and Made in Downtown Los Angles

February 5, 2018

ERIK MURRAY is a newly launched clothing line based in Los Angeles. The designer, Erik, and I go way back to the days of AOL instant messaging and convincing my mother to take us to the 50 Cent movie, Get Rich or Die Trying. He has been designing “Chapter 1” for a while now and I couldn’t be more proud of him for making his dream into a reality.   Design is a way for Erik to express himself and…

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26 Things About Me For My 26th Birthday

January 8, 2018

I love school! While many people dread school and can’t wait to graduate, I enjoy learning new things and getting inspired. I like to make fun of my blog. Let’s be honest, some parts kind of silly. My brother, Billy, often takes screen shots of my posts on Instagram and texts them to me and says, “What the fuck are on your feet?” He thinks I have the ugliest shoe collection. I grew up in Seattle, Washington. I have been…

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Winter Looks for the New Year

January 1, 2018

Baby It’s Cold Outside is probably the creepiest Christmas jingle ever but for some reason all of these outfits deserve the caption, “Baby it’s cold outside.” Because it is freezing in Utah! Looking cute and staying warm can be a challenge. I always feel like I look like the Michelin man in all my heavy coats. This year, finding warm and stylish coats has been my goal. I hit up TjMaxx and was impressed by their selection. They have coats…

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