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Wedding Guest Dress Guide

May 31, 2017

If you are a girl in her 20s, chances are you have a ton of weddings to go to this summer. Tis’ the season right?! For about two months I have been on the hunt for the perfect wedding guest dresses and wanted to share my ideas so you don’t have to stress about finding the perfect dress. 1.The Maxi Dress The maxi dress is always a great option. They are perfect for any kind of wedding. Garden weddings, farm weddings,…

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KissBoBo Bra: The Invisible Bra

March 13, 2017

  We find the perfect dress but have one problem, our bra straps are showing but we can’t go braless because we don’t want any nip slips! Us women have all been there. Before finding the KissBoBo Bra I was still wearing my Limited Too strapless bra. Yes, I still have that thing and it fits! It has got to be over a decade old. I mean where else did preteens get their overpriced bras that they didn’t need?! The…

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Nothing Says Spring like Floral Patch Jeans

March 6, 2017

Spring is coming and that means floral patch jeans & bodysuits! This pair of boyfriend, floral patch jeans are my new obsession. Putting outfits together lately I seriously feel like I am five again. Everything is so 90s. This looks like a pair of pants I had as a little girl and I also had straight across bangs! I love the hints of pink especially for spring. I love how these jeans can make a boring outfit into something fun/springy!…

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7 Charming Sisters: Jewelry for a Cause

February 21, 2017

I love when jewelry is meaningful and stands for a good cause. I was so excited to work with 7 Charming Sisters because they are deeply committed to helping those with disabilities find jobs and employs disabled people in their studio. 7 Charming Sisters is a brand of seven “wok sisters” who have been working together for 10-15 years. There sisters are: Paula, the elegant classy chick, Kim, the vivacious life of the party, Jennifer, the dedicated fashionista, Donalda, the…

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